segunda-feira, 17 de janeiro de 2011

yeah, that's right!

"And you, don't worry about me. Some days I feel terrible. Some days I feel awesome. That's just me. I'm somehow like a sen(x) function..
Please, don't feel bad for thinking that you're hurting me. When I'm down, I think about you many times, it's true. BUT if I didn't love you, I would still think about something else, I would still find lots of things that would make me think that my life sucks. Yet, it's not because of you and I don't want you to feel bad for me. You never did anything wrong.
Besides, you made me smile a lot last year, and you still do. Even if you do not love me, I'm very glad I can at least have your friendship. And, seriously, I hope you'll be luckier than me."

Não é da minha autoria, mas coise...
Vodka Morango

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